Neural therapy

Neural therapy is based on treatment of a person’s Nervous System since this is what organises and interconnects all the systems. More specifically, it is the Autonomous Nervous System, which is located throughout our skin and internal organs, that connects the internal environment with the external, like an extensive information network.

In this way all our cells are intimately related to each other no matter how far apart they may be anatomically and physiologically. It is for this reason that we may find dysfunctions in one part of the body whose cause is far removed physiologically.

Through the use of Procaine or Physiological Serum, we can give our organism the non-specific stimulus needed to generate a series of reactions aiming at unblocking a specific part of the Nervous System.


We use the local anaesthetic Procaine in dilute form, not with a pharmacological aim but as a restorative since it has an electrical potential capable of repolarising cells depolarised by some disturbance, with the associated irritation of the Nervous System.
Medical records and physical examination of each person are what tell us if there is significant irritation somewhere in the system. Irritation can be expressed in the form of scars, inflammation, infections, skin problems, allergies, neuralgia….or some other disorder.

Through the treatment of this irritation we can successfully reorganise our Nervous System and thus, depending on its basic health, give our body a self-healing stimulus to eliminate or reduce the dysfunction or change that is making us ill. In the same way that we become sick, our organism has all the means necessary to make us well. It is just a question of reversing the order, which is what we strive to achieve through Neural Therapy.

The treatment of scars is particularly important in Neural Therapy because they present an obvious area of irritation, a physical attack on the skin and therefore of the Autonomous Nervous System, and can cause another remote problem. Treatment with Neural Therapy can unblock this zone and provide a self-healing stimulus.
Thus, if our Nervous System is irritated or blocked maybe because of surgical intervention or some other disease, Neural therapy will seek to unblock this area and free up the circulation of information and energy necessary to maintain and/or restore our natural equilibrium.