Hyaluronic Acid Infiltrations

Hyaluronic acid can be directly injected into the joint to medically improve the viscosity and elasticity of the synovial fluid within the joint, thus reducing joint inflammation and pain.

It is mainly used to treat arthrosis in different joints such as the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle and hand.

Hyaluronic acid acts as a lubricant and therefore reduces the mechanical stress to the joints that results from daily activities such as walking, climbing down the stairs or doing sports.

Infiltrations are performed by a medical expert and their effect usually lasts for 6 to 12 months. Patients feel a progressive improvement throughout the weeks following an infiltration and their clinical response varies based on their medical condition and the characteristics of their arthrosis.

Specific complementary physical exercises and alternative therapies are recommended in addition to the infiltrations in patients with arthrosis.

Infiltrations carry minimal risk to the patient and are very effective in painful arthrosis cases. They are equally useful as a preventive measure when carrying out physically intense activities such as in athletes.