Global postural re-education (GPR)

Global postural re-education or GPR is a gentle form of physiotherapy developed by Philippe Souchard. According to Souchard , imbalance in the static muscle chains which hold us upright is the cause of excessive muscle tone or tension with a consequent loss of muscle elasticity.

This muscular hypertension or contraction can be the cause of various muscularskeletal disorders such as spinal deformity, muscle pain and arthrosis. GPR uses postural correction and gentle stretching in a holistc and progressive way to restore muscle elasticity and proper joint felxiblity.

The indications for GPR are:

  • Global posture re-education, increased elasticity
  • Shortened muscles, blocked joints
  • Spinal misalignment such as scoliosis and hiperlordosis or hollow back
  • Lumbago, cervicalgia or neck pain, sciatica, hernia, protusions