Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka cosmetics were put on the market in 1967 as “healing cosmetics”. They were so named because they originated in the homeopathic laboratories of the WALA pharmaceutical company founded by Hauschka. The “healing cosmetic” did not claim to cure all skin disorders but rather to compensate for weaknesses and deficiencies, re-establishing and maintaining harmony and normality. In the preparation of their formulae, the medics, pharmacists and cosmetologists were conscious of the important regulatory role of the skin in relation to the totality of the human organism.
The skin reflects the inner person at the same as it reacts with great sensitivity to the ever more aggressive impacts of the environment. Suffice it to mention increasing air and water pollution, growing danger from sunlight due to the destruction of the ozone layer, denatured foods as well as the physical and emotional burdens of the constant hustle and bustle of modern life including work related stress.
For all these reasons, Hauschka cosmetics are more relevant than ever as much for their therapeutic principles as their biological quality. Protecting and strengthening the skin; vitalising and assisting regeneration of the underlying tissues are tasks for all ages. These cosmetics do not seek to produce striking superficial effects, not do they encourage dependency. All skins can learn, bit by bit, to restore their health.
All skin and beauty care products are “ cosmetic” in the full original sense of the Greek term “kosmein”, which means to order and harmonize. This is the way forward for care of the skin: maintenenace or restoration of harmonious order.