At the Centre for Biological Medicine we have a broad vision of health and medicine. This is why we use an extensive range of approaches and disciplines, techniques and specialisms in respect of diagnostics and treatment. What we offer therefore is holistic medicine, using in every case what best suits each different patient. This means we offer personalized attention adapted to each individual person's needs.

Holistically based, biological medicine views human beings a unified wholes, encompassing the physical as well as the psychological and emotional domains.

Furthermore it strives to utilize natural medicines with the least adverse effects and therapeutic techniques minimally or totally non-invasive. Despite the preferred use of biological medicine, we also use conventional medicine in the centre when necessary.

Health is not static. It is a state or condition changing under the influence of multiple elements and factors. In medical practice, what is necessary is to know which factors can be controlled. Good health also requires compromise. It is not enough to swallow medicine to treat and cure an illness. Lifestyle changes are often necessary: physical exercise, balanced diet, recuperative rest, healthy living etc. Our centre will offer you advice and help to lead a better life, so that you can enjoy improved health and wellbeing; a better quality of life in short.